Founder of Samajh

Samajh is still a mailing list, but in due course we’ll turn it into a blog! you can access the series  here. This project came out of months of conversations between Guppi, a British Sikh, Chaitanya, an Indian national of Hindu upbringing, and Jannat, a British Bangladeshi. Each of us exploring the political impact of … Continue reading Founder of Samajh

Co-Founder of Big Society NHS

Back in 2011, a group of junior doctors organised together to build opposition to the NHS Reform Bill.  The purpose was to provide opportunities for institutions we had connections with to voice their concerns; including the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges, our University Deaneries and the broader campaigning sector. Guppi coordinated a small group … Continue reading Co-Founder of Big Society NHS

Creating justice through food

Talking with a friend she met through climate change campaigning, Guppi quickly realised the strength of organising individuals through food projects. Together they organised a week long training relating to food and social justice, which connected local food projects across the UK together to explore their connections, leadership and engagement in the environment movement. It … Continue reading Creating justice through food

Coalition Coordinator, UK Youth Climate Coalition

In its founding year, Guppi supported UKYCC to build a broad, diverse and meaningful coalition that gave space to young activists to engage in climate campaigns. As part of the initial team, she and 9 others were instrumental in a series of activities and events such as PowerShift UK 2009, taking a delegation to the … Continue reading Coalition Coordinator, UK Youth Climate Coalition

Co-founder of Healthy Planet, Medsin

At medical school, Guppi met a friend who was as concerned as her about the lack of environmental concern amongst their peers. Together they developed a campaign to transform the understanding of climate change in the student medical community. Healthy Planet became a driver for other more established organisations such as the Centre for Sustainable Health … Continue reading Co-founder of Healthy Planet, Medsin