Resourcing Racial Justice Fund

  Co-founder of Resourcing Racial Justice In the wake of COVID-19, Guppi worked alongside 8 other BIPOC innovators, change makers, activists and artists to establish Resourcing Racial Justice Fund. The fund has been created as a political project, that aims to do two things: Rapidly move financial resources towards BIPOC led projects that centre racial … Continue reading Resourcing Racial Justice Fund

Wretched of the Earth organiser

Guppi joined Wretched of the Earth (WOTE) in early 2019 when XR and the climate strikes started grabbing attention. She was seeking a home within the environmental movement that prioritised the lived experience of people of colour and spoke to her vision of climate justice. In May, she helped co-write the open letter to XR and … Continue reading Wretched of the Earth organiser

Co-founder of Decolonising Economics

For the past year, Guppi and her partner-in-decolonising-crime Noni have been running workshops with STIR to ACTION on Decolonising Economics. After two successful runs in London and Bristol, they are preparing for the second year of the programmes for 2020 in London and Bradford. The workshops came off the back of the article Guppi wrote … Continue reading Co-founder of Decolonising Economics

Co-founder of Working on Our Power

CLOSING STATEMENT  As Working on Our Power closes, we wanted to reflect on the programme’s purpose and journey, and share the reflections that have come from the past four years, looking back on our process, mistakes and learnings. We believe that every process has its own life cycle, and there is an importance in reflecting … Continue reading Co-founder of Working on Our Power

Founder of Samajh

Samajh is still a mailing list, but in due course we’ll turn it into a blog! you can access the series  here. This project came out of months of conversations between Guppi, a British Pubjabi, Chaitanya, an Indian national of Hindu upbringing, and Jannat, a British Bangladeshi. Each of us exploring the political impact of … Continue reading Founder of Samajh

Co-Founder of Big Society NHS

Back in 2011, a group of junior doctors organised together to build opposition to the NHS Reform Bill.  The purpose was to provide opportunities for institutions we had connections with to voice their concerns; including the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges, our University Deaneries and the broader campaigning sector. Guppi coordinated a small group … Continue reading Co-Founder of Big Society NHS

Creating justice through food

Talking with a friend she met through climate change campaigning, Guppi quickly realised the strength of organising individuals through food projects. Together they organised a week long training relating to food and social justice, which connected local food projects across the UK together to explore their connections, leadership and engagement in the environment movement. It … Continue reading Creating justice through food

Coalition Coordinator, UK Youth Climate Coalition

In its founding year, Guppi supported UKYCC to build a broad, diverse and meaningful coalition that gave space to young activists to engage in climate campaigns. As part of the initial team, she and 9 others were instrumental in a series of activities and events such as PowerShift UK 2009, taking a delegation to the … Continue reading Coalition Coordinator, UK Youth Climate Coalition

Co-founder of Healthy Planet, Medsin

At medical school, Guppi met a friend who was as concerned as her about the lack of environmental concern amongst their peers. Together they developed a campaign to transform the understanding of climate change in the student medical community. Healthy Planet became a driver for other more established organisations such as the Centre for Sustainable Health … Continue reading Co-founder of Healthy Planet, Medsin