Guppi is an exceptional trainer and activist. She truly enjoys processes around learning and facilitating them for others. Through her long standing experience she easily brings along all the tools for building inclusive and transformative workshop spaces. Guppi is further more dedicated to exchange of people with different backgrounds and experiences guiding them through the exploration of new ways of social change. Her work translates into her research and writing making her an outstanding person to work with.

Jamie Schearer: General Co-ordinator of European Network for People of African Descent

Guppi has taught me so much! From the climate movement to campaigns against austerity to international organising, she’s always been there, bringing her sharp analysis and careful observation. In the past few years she has contributed important articles to Open Democracy that have helped explore issues of leadership, anti-oppression and social change.  She brings together a great range of experience and uses it to help us all understand the world better.

Adam Ramsay Editor Open Democracy

Guppi played an important and constructive role in the organisation of the EDGE Funders Alliance global conference ‘Re-organising Power for Systems Change’, which brought together 270 funders and activists in Barcelona in April 2017. She was active member of the conference planning committee and skilfully facilitated sessions at the conference. She brought a pronounced racial justice and feminist perspective into the discussions, and helped to shape the deliberations around questions of power and privilege, which was particularly important in a funders environment

Tobias Troll Director of EDGE Funders Alliance Europe

Setting up a new initiative to connect progressive activists across Europe was a hugely daunting and ambitious task that Guppi was able to meet with humility, humanity, tenacity, and hard work. There is still a great deal of work to do to build progressive movement power in Europe, but the foundations and deep connections that Guppi has helped to foster will be critical in moving things forward. Working with, learning from, and thinking about strategy with Guppi has been a sheer pleasure.

Susan Treadwell. Deputy Director at Open Society Foundations Initiative for Europe