Guppi Bola is an organiser and educator. She has a passion for supporting groups who are committed to meaningful transformative social change.

She has an academic background in public health, which she uses to focus her strategic thinking on the root causes of social inequality and ill health. Guppi applies this expertise to design intersectional policy and campaigns that will help move us towards a just transition, working alongside social justice leadership globally. 

Guppi’s skill in training, facilitating, campaigning and organisational development are rooted in anti-oppression practices. Throughout a decade of work, she has established a reputation for bringing sincerity, strategy and soul to the projects she’s engaged in.

Guppi completed a role as Interim Director of Medact September 2018-July 2019 and is looking to work with folks across the movement who want to continue learning together. If you are curious about the work she does, aligned in your visions and are excited by the ideas you could share together – please get in touch! She can also connect you with some great people who can support you in your work.

You can download Guppi’s CV here and connect to her on LinkedIn