Guppi Bola is a strategist, researcher, trainer and organiser
On this website you can find more information about her and her work.

Guppi is a great communicator and organizer, able to apply her knowledge and experiences from across different countries – having observed her build up the European focused work of the New Economy Organizers Network over the past couple of years. The work that she does in encouraging us to take a systemic approach in identifying the root causes of social inequalities and oppression is crucial for our social change work.

Roxanne Nazir – Open Society Foundations Initiative for Europe

Setting up a new initiative to connect progressive activists across Europe was a hugely daunting and ambitious task that Guppi was able to meet with humility, humanity, tenacity, and hard work. There is still a great deal of work to do to build progressive movement power in Europe, but the foundations and deep connections that Guppi has helped to foster will be critical in moving things forward. Working with, learning from, and thinking about strategy with Guppi has been a sheer pleasure.

Susan Treadwell. Deputy Director at Open Society Foundations Initiative for Europe