Founder of Samajh

Samajh is still a mailing list, but in due course we’ll turn it into a blog! you can access the series  here.

This project came out of months of conversations between Guppi, a British Pubjabi, Chaitanya, an Indian national of Hindu upbringing, and Jannat, a British Bangladeshi. Each of us exploring the political impact of the British in South Asia, as well as our own identities of people of South Asian descent living in Britain.

This project is an attempt to give you the chance to learn some hidden elements of British history. The type of history that isn’t taught in schools and or shared by mainstream media. We can’t give you everything, but we can condense and guide you towards the good stuff.

Homegrown projects such as the Citizens Archive in Pakistan and the Partition Museum in India are giving voice to hidden family stories. Writers like Yasmin khan and academic groups such as the Punjab research group are reshaping the lens by which we view history. Now feels like the right time to address the realities of colonialism and imperialism.

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