Common Wealth | Rethinking Public Health for a Green New Deal (2020)

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Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust | Strategic advisor Movement Building Pilot Fund (2020)


Friends Provident Foundation|Strategic advisor Intersectional approaches to the new economy (2019-2020)

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Migration Exchange: Advisor to COVID-19 Impact Assessment Framework (2020)

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Greenpeace International various teams |Senior Leadership anti-oppression facilitation (2018-2020)


IF25 Inaugural meeting|Future Leader Philanthropy in a climate emergency (2019)

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Thirty Percy |Adviser on strategic approaches to climate justice (2019)

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New Economics Foundation | Organising for systems change (2017)


Edge Funders Alliance | Movement consultant (2017)

Southbank Centre | Intersectionality workshop + panel (2016)

Campaign Bootcamp | Campaign Strategy trainer (2015-2018)

Ulex | Advisory Group (2017)

Campaign Lab | 2014

The Common Cause Handbook (2010-2012)

Hub Oxford / Turl Street Kitchen

Climate Psychology AllianceResilience and climate activism (France and India) | Trainer in Paris and voluntary support trainer in Calcutta

38 Degrees | Coordinator of Save our NHS campaign action

38 Degrees’ members in Sheffield Hallam hand in our massive NHS petition to their MP, Nick Clegg