Stir to Action Winter 2018 Issue – Race for the new economy

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But wait! I’m woke! The trails of a white male manager

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WOW 2017 – Intersectionality for Beginners

Open democracy | Heart and soul: meet the UK groups changing activism

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University of Sussex | Transitions and democracy in Europe

Screening: This Changes Everything

Medact | How Medact is going to help get the UK Eating Better

Open democracy | On posh white blokes in NGOs

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New Left Project | Where Now For The Climate Justice Movement?

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The Guardian | The voice of America’s frustrated youth

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Zero Carbon Britain

Stir to Action | Bring It to the Table: Creating Justice Through Food


Fire in the blood

Beyond the Brink

Oxfam | Are governments meeting their MDG spending targets?

Oxford Mail | Oxford doing its bit for Haiti fund

Left foot forward | How many more children could GAVI be saving?

Left Foot Forward | Preventable killers are no longer just a western problem

The Guardian | Wasted – Misunderstanding young Britain

Guardian: The voice of America’s frustrated youth, Power Shift, is on its way to the UK

Power shift