Quakers in Britain – Economic Justice Programme manager

Guppi joined Quaker Peace and Social Witness department, originally as the Economic Issues programme manager, but soon found herself united with New Economy project that was running parallel to her work. Over her nine months she supported the Economics, Sustainability and Peace team in five specific projects. The first involved completion of the New Economy booklet series, that were delivered to over 50 reading groups across Britain as well as communications and training events to Quakers who were passionate about transforming neoliberal economic system to one that is built on just principles. She also worked on activities that focused on tax justice, trade justice, economic inequality and issues around Universal Credit. Guppi supported the political and campaigning activities of several alliances including; End Hunger UK campaign, Church Action on Tax Justice, Fighting Inequality UK and partnerships with the Equality Trust and the broader faith community in the UK. She advised on movement building practices, political strategy and historical analysis of the economy. Her work was rooted in faith practices, and an understanding of Quaker history and its leadership in past social movements.

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