Co-founder of Decolonising Economics

For the past year, Guppi and her partner-in-decolonising-crime Noni have been running workshops with STIR to ACTION on Decolonising Economics. After two successful runs in London and Bristol, they are preparing for the second year of the programmes for 2020 in London and Bradford. The workshops came off the back of the article Guppi wrote back in 2017 on Race for a New Economy.

In early 2019, through their relationship with Cooperation Jackson, Guppi & Noni supported Kali Akuno and his family to visit the UK on a book tour, celebrating the release of Jackson Rising. This kicked off with a community event in Brixton, followed by a residential retreat with new economy organisers that was co-run with STIR

The introduction to our work as Decolonising Economics: “It’s not a coincidence that under neoliberal capitalism, racial inequality exists. Race is a social construct, and one that was used to further the colonial project, in pursuit of ever growing economic wealth and power. It is essential to identify strategies that dismantle the system of white supremacy in the pursuit of a just transition.

Guppi and Noni are now looking to establish Decolonising Economics as a co-operative entity, supporting the development of materials and resources for groups to understand economic systems change processes that embody racial justice.

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